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Lodge with us at Blossom White B & B in beautiful historic Nauvoo and enjoy sledding at the Nauvoo State Park!!!


Illinois Department of Natural Resources


Recreation Opportunities at the Nauvoo State Park include camping, picnicking hiking, fishing, boating, historical sites, pageants, flea markets, entertainment, rides, attractions, cross-country skiing and sledding. There are no entrance fees and no fees are required.


One of the trails at the Nauvoo State Park

is called Locust Lane. Locust Lane is 1.5 miles in length and is the park's main trail. Another trail, which is about a .5 mile trail is wheelchair accessible and loops around the camping area. A short trail connects the main picnic area to the dam. There is also a short one way trail to Gilligan's Island on Lake Horton.


Blossom White Bed and Breakfast is the only destination in Nauvoo serving clean, healthy and organic food.


Consider lodging with us during your next vacation getaway or family reunion, a great alternative to a hotel or motel.

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